Gill Civil Engineering, working for Romsley Parish Council, completed a perimeter pathway at the Romsley Playing Fields. The project was required to be complete by Christmas 2021 and was completed ahead of schedule on 22nd December 2021.

The project involved the removal of the existing Tarmac pathway and excavation of the existing grassed areas, with them being replaced by a brand-new Hogging gravel pathway. Terram was installed below the sub-base to discourage weed growth and timber edging to ensure the durability of the pathway. 

Local residents were delighted with their new pathway and had the following to share regarding the project:

“The new perimeter pathway is an excellent addition to the amenities in Romsley. It will provide many residents with considerable pleasure, given its accessibility, level surface and splendid outlook. Your choice of contractor was commendable. The team worked in an efficient, systematic and competent manner. They fully deserve praise, as do the Council for their vision in its conception.”

Gill Civil are delighted to have worked alongside Romsley Parish Council on this project and we have we will get the chance to do so again in the future.

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